BOTTOM FEEDER: The ones that should be saved from the scrapyard.

Here we showcase a vehicle found on craigslist that someone should fix up or restore with an ideal parts donor vehicle for the build and a few suggestions on what work or mods would really make the difference. If you see something you like, you better act fast. Craigslist cars come and go in a moments notice!

Bottom Feeder for January 2017:
Restoration Vehicle: 1948 Ford F1
This F1 step side pickup needs a hood, a motor ,trans, and a hole lot o love. This is the second year of the first generation Ford F series trucks. This is the first consumer truck model built on a dedicated truck chassis instead of a car platform. This one appears to have little rust for a southern truck. A cool body style to build a project from for $600 and has a clear title.

Donor vehicle: 1997 Ford F250 Utility truck $600
This workhorse likely came from the factory with the 5.8L Windsor . small block that’s good for about 210 hp and around 325 torque in stock form with the truck cam or the 7.5L big block with 260 Hp and 410 tq. Either one will make a great power plant for this build with lots of aftermarket support for both so you can run it from stock form all the way to monster HP with blowers and bottles and it comes with a heavy duty truck automatic transmission. To remedy the advertised engine module problems, I would throw a DUI dizzy and a 4 BBl on it to start off. From the donor I would try to do a complete frame swap and chop the back end off the frame. That would give you a “3/4 ton F1” with modern driveability, power steering and power disc brakes! Might be able to make the seat work too.
Now where to find a hood…?

Keep building!

See you on the road!


pictures from original craigslist post.