Every decade was represented, from this Model A,100_3228

through the 40’s with these Hot Rods and Rat Rods and all the way up to a current model Stingray that left before I got a picture.100_3237

This immaculate Falcon was pure eye candy and reminded everyone exactly where the Mustang came from.100_3200

This Comet and the black Maverick below were both encouragement for my Maverick build project in progress.100_3197100_3199

This is one slick Maverick!


Now this is what I call scary looking!100_3218

…no laundry out back?100_3217

The Rides and Drives Sleeper award goes to this gem of a Plymouth Belvedere II100_3232.100_3231

Yeah, it’s got a Hemi in it…100_3233

And the previous generation Belvedere was very well represented also with this 64:100_3246

Hey man, that aint no Hemi, that’s a Wedge!100_3247

If luxury and style are higher on your list of what’s important, then this Continental is right up your alley. I love suicide door, convertible, 4 door cars. The Lincoln 460 hiding under that hood made enough torque to drag the moon out of orbit.


Cruise comfortably to the beach…with a half dozen friends!100_3226


This 67 Caprice had a crisp, clean, tight look.

There were a few really sharp trucks…

And then there was this little monster…can you say BIG BLOCK!

Thanks to Dogs R Us for hosting this event!

And thanks to all the vehicle owners!

I can really appreciate all the work it takes to get your cars to that level because mine is no where near it…yet! This is the most recent picture of my Maverick, all torn apart for cowl rust repair.100_3141

Keep building!

See you on the road!



All photos by David Wilhite.