Here we showcase a potentially cool vehicle found on Craigslist that someone should fix up or restore with an ideal parts donor vehicle for the build and a few suggestions on what work or mods would really make the difference. If you see something you like, you better act fast. Craigslist cars come and go in a moments notice!

This month’s Bottom Feeder has dug up these two vehicles that we think need each other. 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe for $900:

and this 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 for $600:


This 48 Plymouth is the harder to find 2 door business coupe and has classic Hot Rod lines.


Like a lot of southern cars, this one has rust in the floors and rocker panels, but the body is straight and all of the glass seems to be intact. Very importantly, it has a clear title.


This one conveniently doesn’t have a motor or transmission in the way! All ready for some modern Magnum power from this 94 Ram 1500 5.2L.94-ram-4

This Ram has the typical crumbled dash and bad paint, but a decent seat.94-ram-5

This one also has a complete, good running and driving power train with a 5.2L Magnum and Torqueflight 46RH overdrive transmission with a low 104K miles. That may not sound like low miles until you learn that these motors have reputations for running into the 300K mile range.


The 5.2l Magnum was factory rated at 260 HP and close to 300lb-ft of torque. This motor and transmission package was designed to handle over 6000 lbs. of truck and cargo and will have no problem tossing around the 3030 lb. 1948 Coupe. From this donor we would be removing the motor, transmission, wiring harness, and ECM to keep for the 48. While the rear end assembly is too wide and none of the suspension components will be interchangeable, the nice 40/20/40 split bench may fit in the Plymouth if you take out the center /20/ section.

As always, after you get what you need from your parts donor car, sell all the good remaining parts on CL like the rear end and suspension and body parts. Then the scrap metal man is happy to give you back some of the money you spent on the donor vehicle! This donor truck will probably weigh over 4000 lbs after you take out 700-800 lbs of motor and transmission. That is over $120 with a scrap steel price of $0.03 per pound.

Keep building!

See you on the road!



All photos from original craigslist postings.