Here is part two of our Bottom Feeder ZJ project.



The first thing we had to do was a build sheet listing all of the changes we wanted to make to our project Jeep. We planned on fixing things that were broken to make it roadworthy, but we wanted to take this ZJ to another level so we did a lot of research. Much thanks to the folks at JeepForum, especially KG6MOV, Bossman302, and Phitmein for all the input.

This is what we came up with and the why.

Parts to take from wrecked mud toy:

NP 242 transfer case – The mall crawler had a NP249 with no 2WD. I wanted the option of 2WD and the NP242 has a great reputation for durability.

100_3711 100_3712

  • 33X12.50-15 MT tires with lots of tread on steel wheels – the mud toy’s big tires are the starting point we will set everything up for.


  • Rough Country 4.5” lift  short arm suspension –  to fit the tires and make it over obstacles.


  • JKS disconnect sway bar links – for max articulation off road


  • Gas tank skid plate and tail light guards – armor up for protection!


A look underneath our white 98 project Jeep makes me think this thing has never seen a dirt road, much less any serious off-roading. This is a genuine “mall crawler” that has had a 20-year life of trips through Starbucks drive-thru’s, and going to soccer practice.


The next step was to strip down the mud toy and remove everything we wanted to keep for our build project:




We got to the point where it was going to be safer and easier to just lower the motor/trans/transfer case assembly on to the floor and cut the body away.



Wrecked mud toy gone! Up next, the build starts.